Francis Jake Martinez,

Tech and CRM Automation Expert

I am a tech-savvy guy who really loves to explore and learn about new programs and how they can be utilized. 

I’ve been working with CRM and automation projects including go highlevel and I know that there are tons of business owners needing my knowledge and skills on setting up technical stuffs specifically highlevel software. Now if you happen to be one of them, I’d be more than willing to help you.

Years of experience

Every business has a unique CRM setup so I spent countless of hours learning how to properly setup a customized CRM System that works well with the type of business the client has.

For more than 3 years of doing my passion, I successfully built several client CRM system around the globe with multiple custom automations and workflows for Salon, real-estate, digital-marketing, credit repair, health, and more types of businesses.

Simple life

When I am off duty, I do love hanging out with my wife and our baby in some relaxing places.