About Jake

I am a tech-savvy guy who really loves to explore and learn about new programs and how they can be utilised. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration however, my passion is technology so I have changed my career path to follow my passion.Although I don’t have a formal degree related to IT, but it doen’t stop me from learning IT stuffs such as HTML, CSS,Javascript, PHP, email marketing automation and other tech tools which are important in building profitable businesses online.

Years of experience

For more than 3 years of doing my passion, I already built several wordpress websites,do wordpress site migration, setup email automations, built messenger chatbot on manychat and chatfuel, setup automation process using google apps(google forms, googles sheets, and google docs), use zapier to connect and automate one app to another, seo optimization, and a lot more depending on client’s demand.

Automation process

I believe that automation process can have a huge impact on all my clients and make their lives simpler and easier with regards to reducing paperwork and time wasted.

Simple life

When I am off duty, I do love hanging out with my wife and our baby in some relaxing places.

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