Most probably you guys are experiencing same showbox server error as I had last few days ago. So I made this post to help you resolve your showbox problems too. What happened was, I couldn’t watch movies anymore on my showbox app after the update. I said what happened to showbox? No other server options left to choose when you click option button except for the torrent. Before the update , I can watch movies without any problem by connecting to server A . So I was immediately searching for a solution to the problem.

VPN to fix showbox server error

I found out that VPN can help us resolve this problem. One of the reasons why we have a showbox connection error to the server is that our Internet Service Provider has been blocking us from connecting to it. So what we gonna do is to download a VPN app and run it before connecting to showbox. I can recommend 2 Free VPN apps that are perfectly working. You can choose either hexatech or Ultra surf. You can go directly to your playstore and search either of the two VPN apps I have mentioned. Download and install it to your device.


Showbox server error Fix

You open the app after the installation and connect to vpn. When we are connected to a VPN, our internet service provider can no longer block or restrict us from connecting to showbox server since we are now in a private connection. Just make sure that you are connected to the vpn all the time as you watch movies thru your showbox app. Once you are successfully connected to a VPN, expect that your showbox server error has now been fixed.

Video Tutorial

I made a video for you to easily perform this simple trick. Just watch it if you are still confused. I hope you find this tutorial helpful to your showbox problem. Thank you for visiting my blog. You may subscribe thru email at the right side of this page.


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  1. shaq

    its the same problem on the pc aswell! so what about the pc i can not download hexatech on the pc

  2. Leanne

    It just happened to me it worked but it’s moving slow

  3. Melissa Parkin

    I’ve just installed hexatech and I’m still getting a server error message in showbox. Can you help?

  4. Robert Reddy

    Thank you so much for sharing beneficial words with us. This blog is interesting and useful, as it helps to solve my problem. You are writing very well. Keep writing.

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