This morning when I opened my laptop, I was wondering why I can’t Open Youtube Website in any of my browser. I restarted my device but nothing happened. I also cleared all history and data of my browser but still nothing happened. The browser just displayed “this webpage is not available, dns_probe_finished_nxdomain”. I tried visiting other websites like facebook and google and it’s working fine.

webpage not available

Browser displayed ‘this webpage is not available’

That was unusual because I was able to browse other websites successfully except YouTube.

Some causes of this error might be:

  1. the server of the website is down,
  2. there is really a problem with your settings or a problem with the dns server of your internet service provider.

In my case,  I managed to resolve the issue using the steps below.

‘this webpage is not available’ error solution

I have configured my computer DNS server and that ends the issue

Step 1: Go to control panel of your PC then select Network and Internet and then Network Sharing Center.

control panel

Network and internet

network sharing center

Step 2: You click on Change Adapter settings.

change advance settings

Step 3: Select and right click your connection ICON . Select properties.

connection icon

ineternet icon

Step 4: Select Internet Protocol v 4.

internet protocol version 4

Step 5: Select use the following DNS server address as illustrated below.

you can use either Google Public DNS or the Open DNS;

Google Public DNS

Preferred DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :

Open DNS

Preferred DNS server :
Alternate DNS server :

This webpage is not available

After that , just hit ok to save your settings and you are done. Refresh your browser and try to visit the site again .

Thanks for dropping by. I hope this tutorial helps you resolve the issue about this webpage is not available or dns probe finished nxdomain error.

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